About Royal Schools

Affordable private

schooling in Gauteng

Royal Schools offers, affordable, quality, private education.

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Royal Schools operates in the Independent / Private Schools sector in South Africa

We have pre-primary, primary and Secondary schools (Pre School – Grade 12). Royal Schools currently has 2 739 learners across three campuses and 7 schools in Gauteng. The current schools have a combined capacity of 3 250 learners.

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  • Finance and land (in Gauteng) have been secured to develop a further 5 campuses over the next 4 years with a combined capacity of 6600 learners. At capacity the total learner number will be 12000 across 8 campuses and 22 schools.
  • In terms of learner numbers Royal Schools is currently the third largest provider of affordable private schooling in Gauteng (only Curro and Spark schools currently have more learners).
  • Royal Schools has a history of academic excellence over the past 24 years with its schools consistently exceeding the average GDE Grade 12 pass rate and regularly achieving a 100% Grade 12 pass rate.