Our Story

We’ve been caring for a very long time.

Affordable education with Royal Schools

A need for affordable independent schools education in 1993

In 1993 in apartheid South Africa Dr Ben Fourie Snr. (1940-2014) and his family started a school for disadvantaged black people in the inner city of Pretoria. In many cases these learners did not have anywhere else to go to get a quality education. With an engrained passion for education and with the support of good people with good hearts they managed to establish and grow a successful organisation over the last 25 years.


Today, Royals Schools is managed by educational specialist and businessman, Dr Bennie Fourie Jnr and his experienced management team. Royal schools currently has 13 schools on 5 campuses with almost 5000 learners and 280 staff members. These schools have always stood on the following pillars: an uncompromising quality of education, consistent affordability, development of staff and good relationships with parents and the community.

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