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In 1993 in apartheid South Africa, Dr Ben Fourie Snr. (1940-2014) and his family decided to start a school for disadvantaged black learners in the inner city of Pretoria.

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With an engrained passion for education he managed to plant the seeds for what would become a successful educational organisation.

The first school was opened in Pretoria in 1993 with 43 learners and 6 staff members.

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Why was there a need for affordable independent schools in 1993?
  • In many cases black learners did not have anywhere else to go to receive a quality education
  • Black learners were simply not allowed in white schools
  • Township schools were often still burning as a result of the “liberation before education” slogan that originated after the 1976 Soweto uprisings
  • Most of the “elite” private schools were unaffordable to the parents of these learners
Over the past 24 years Royal Schools has always stood on the following pillars:
  • Uncompromising quality of education
  • Consistent affordability
  • Economic and financial viability
  • Good relationships with parents, the community and other stakeholders.
  • Royals Schools is managed by educational specialist and businessman,
    Dr Bennie Fourie Jnr and his experienced management team currently manages 7 schools with 2 739 learners and 149 staff members.