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Princess Park

"We are conveniently located at 614 Pretorius Street, between Leyds and Wessels streets. Access control and strict security by a dedicated security guard offers parents the peace of mind that their children will be safe and secure. No learners are allowed to leave the school building without consent."

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School Fees



Registration Fees:
All Grades
R750 (New learners)
R550 (Returning learners)
R850 (New learners)
R600 (Returning learners)
Stationery Fees:
Gr R – Gr 7 R700 R800
Gr 8 – Gr 12 R600 R700
School Fees:
Gr R – Gr 7 R14 160 (R1 180 p/m) R15 480 (R1 290 p/m)
Gr 8 – Gr 9 R16 920 (R1 410 p/m) R18 480 (R1 540 p/m)
Gr 10 – Gr 11 R18 240 (R1 520 p/m) R19 920 (R1 660 p/m)
Gr 12 R22 800 (R1 900 p/m)* R22 770 (R2 070 p/m)*

* for 11 months

Management & Staff

Ms Elize Hattingh

Principal Primary School

Ms Lovinia Moyo

Principal Secondary School

Mr Johan Smit

Exam and Discipline Manager

The school was established in 2016 and is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education (Reg 232199)

A Management Company manages the school administratively and academically:

  • Dr Bennie Fourie (Managing Director).
  • Ms Lelane van Vuuren (Academic Director)
  • Ms Annelien Saaiman (Operational Director)
  • Ms Jennifer Stiff (Financial Director)

Dr Bennie Fourie

Managing Director

Ms Lelane van Vuuren

Academic Director

Ms Annelien Saaiman

Operational Director

Ms Jennifer Stiff

Financial Director

Contact Details

Royal Schools uses the D6 communicator technologies to stay in touch with parents at all our schools. Download the easy to use app on your mobile phone, tablet or computer and receive the latest news from the school.

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