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Affordable Primary School Education, Pre And High School.

Royal Schools Alberton

Royal Schools Alberton Johannesburg

“Academics will always be our first priority. We have a passion for education and we are proud to offer quality education to our learners”

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Royal Schools Sky City

Royal Schools Sky City Johannesburg

“There are 63 class rooms, 2 Computer labs and 3 Science labs, 4 Pre-School classes and a well equipped play area”

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Royal Schools Queens Private

queens private Pretoria

“We are conveniently located in the Gemzo Building on the corners of WF Nkomo (Church) and Maltzan Streets in Pretoria West (opposite Kit Kat Cash and Carry store).”

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Royal Schools Princess Park

Royal Schools Princess Park Pretoria

“We are conveniently located in the Ampath Building in Pretorius street, between Leyds and Wessels streets. Access control and strict security by a dedicated security guard offers parents the peace of mind.”

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Royal Schools Amberfield College

amberfield college Pretoria

Opened in January 2019.

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