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Affordable education with Royal Schools

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A need for affordable independent schools education in 1993

In 1993 the Fourie family started one of the first affordable private schools in South Africa. In many cases these learners did not have any alternatives to receive quality education. With an engrained passion for education and the support of dedicated and loyal people they managed to establish and grow a successful organisation over the last 27 years.

Affordable private schools

27 years later there are 13 schools on five campuses, with more than 5 500 learners and almost 350 staff members. Since its inception in 1993 Royal Schools has enabled quality private education, always mindful of ensuring access and affordability. This track record has warranted a prominent role in the private education industry.

The last 27 years have seen Royal Schools produce powerful results. Many Royal Schools alumni hold top positions in South Africa’s most esteemed organisations, each school has produced consistently excellent Grade 12 results, and Royal Schools has stuck uncompromisingly to its standards of education and affordability.

Affordable private schools

Affordable quality private education. Is this at all possible, or simply a popular catch phrase? “We believe that we have the perfect recipe to make quality private education affordable. Our partnership with Old Mutual as financier and with Cosmopolitan Projects as land and construction partner makes Royal Schools a powerful player. We have access to capital through Old Mutual Alternative Investment’s Schools and Education Investment Impact Fund (SEIIFSA) and to strategic school sites through Cosmopolitan Projects, the biggest affordable housing property developer in South Africa. It is this partnership that enables the construction and management of quality schools at an affordable cost that translates into affordable fees for our parents. The work that we do has the ability to create a lasting legacy and contribute positively and impactfully to socio-economic growth. The impact that Royal Schools will have on the South African landscape over the next few years will continue to grow, without compromising on the quality standards that have been painstakingly built up over the last 27 years,” says Dr Ben Fourie (CEO of Royal Schools).

We invite parents and learners to visit our schools in Pretoria (Royal Schools Princess Park in Pretorius Street and Royal Schools Queens Private in WF Nkomo Street); Alberton (Royals Schools Alberton and Royal Schools Sky City); and Centurion (Amberfield College) to see the level that Royal Schools is operating at – affordable, world class private education.

Royal Schools offers a balanced approach to education, consisting holistically of academics, sport and culture. The organisation remains a true South African game changer for almost three decades. To parents looking for affordable quality private education, Royal Schools offer academic excellence through committed staff in a safe and secure environment.

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