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Royal Schools Princess Park Former Learner
Lehlohonolo Mhlongo

My name is Lehlohonolo Mhlongo, former learner at Royal Schools Princess Park College and University of Pretoria BSc graduate.

I remember walking into the school building 13 years ago. I said to myself as soon I was in grade 4 I would beg my mom to switch schools because this was not the “big school” I had seen on TV. But little me did not know that grade 4 was the time that I would start realising that I too have great potential. I could be top of my class or a leader or anything that I wanted to be and it was all thanks to my teachers that I developed this self believe.

I was not the sharpest tool in the shed. But, one of the things that I appreciated was that each and every learner was recognised and rewarded for their unique performance and behaviour. My teachers sowed a seed of confidence in me at such an early age and this contributed to my growth and development and to blossom into the person that I am today.

To me, Princess Park College was so much more than an educational institution. It was and still is my home away from home. The staff was and still is more like my family.
I have seen learners who come to Royal Schools already labelled as “troublemakers” that end up being so disciplined that they are elected as leaders and used as an example to others that they too can change for the better.

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One thing that has always stood out about Princess Park College is the excellent Grade 12 results. Year after year the level of commitment from learners and teachers delivers outstanding academic results.

Each phase of my school career came with its own lessons, some hard learned, but valuable nonetheless. The support that I have received from Royal Schools goes beyond my secondary education. The knowledge that there is a family that cares for me and that wants to see me excel in all aspects of life, makes me want to achieve even more.

Seeing the school grow from strength to strength as well as managing to remain steadfast in their values through the expansion of the Royal Schools family, has been nothing short of amazing. I am extremely proud to say that I am a product of Royal Schools Princess Park.

Kind regards,
Lehlohonolo Mhlongo Former learner at Royal Schools Princess Park College and University of Pretoria BSc graduate.

Royal Schools Princess Park
John Dutuma

Royal Schools Princess Park College is the best school where I learned not only to be a good student, but also to be a better person. I enrolled at the school in 2010 with fear of the unknown because I was immigrating from Zimbabwe. Coming to a foreign country was very scary let alone to attend school there. However, to my surprise, on the opening day of school I immediately felt at home. My fellow learners were very accommodating and they spoke to me in English instead of their mother tongue. I developed friendships that are still strong, years and years after I Matriculated.

The teachers were very knowledgeable about their subject. Classes were also small enough to allow for special attention. This played a big part in helping me to achieve the best results possible. Sometimes, we felt that our teachers were very strict, but looking back today, I realise that they had the best interest of the learners at heart. Over the years many alumni, myself included, came back to the school to greet and thank their former teachers .I realise that Royal Schools wasn’t just a school, but a home and a family to me. Even today, many of the former learners have a WhatsApp group where we reminisce about our school days and also support each other in any way possible.

The high standard of discipline and routine in the school made me feel safe. During the three years I was at the school we never had major discipline issues that we see at other schools. Transferring from my old school I was just an average learner academically, but with the support and motivation from the educators I exceeded all my expectations. The weekend lessons and “boot camps” helped me to pass my matric with flying colours. Many of my friends agree that attending at Royal Schools improved their academics drastically.

Fezile testimonials

Through the years at Royal Schools I gained a sense of responsibility and personal empowerment. Not only did the school prepare us for university and the business world, but also how to deal with life as a whole. The foundation I got at Royal Schools made it possible for me to register at the University of Pretoria to study Chemical Engineering. Many of the life lessons and cores values that was taught to me at Royal Schools Princess Park will always remain with me for the rest of my life.

Kind regards,
John Dutuma Royal Schools Princess Park

My journey at Royals Schools
Fezile Ndinisa

My journey at Royals Schools started in 2005 when I was accepted as a student at Royal Schools Princess Park for Grade 4. My teacher was the most amazing teacher I have ever had. I was a girl from a township school that could barely speak English. She was patient with me and I passed my Grade 4 with good marks. I was a student at Royal Schools from Grade 4 up to Grade 12. During this time I knew no other family. My school was my home and my family. Having to say goodbye to the only family that you have known for 9 years was extremely sad. I was scared…

In 2014 I started a new journey without the people I have grown to love for so many years. However my time at Royal Schools formed me and built my character. I know that my school made sure that I was fully prepared for the next stage of my life.

I never lost touch with my school, In 2017 I started to do volunteer work at the school and in 2018 I was offered a full time position in the administration department where I still work today.

When I was offered this position, the following scripture came to me: Proverbs 16:9 “you may make your plans but God directs your action”. At Royal Schools I have always been encouraged to dream beyond my restrictions.

Fezile testimonials

I will forever be thankful to Royal Schools because today I am who I am because of the solid roots that were instilled in me.

Kind regards,
Fezile Ndinisa Royal Schools Alberton Admin Team

Debtors Assistant
Lisa Mudzingwa

I remember my first day at Royals Schools Princess Park as if it was yesterday. My parents did not even drop me off at the school. I had to find my way in all by myself. I was so shy and it felt like a lifetime to get to my class. I was welcomed by my favourite teacher. Mr Mike made me feel at home and comfortable. On the first day of school Mr Mike took his time to get to know all of our names. I immediately felt part of the Royals family.

To this day I will never forget the way I was welcomed at Royal Schools. On the first day I was given a Bible that we would read from every day before we started with any school work.

Royal schools taught me to be independent woman and my fears were conquered through the way we were taught and raised by our teachers. We were raised to stand tall in public and never be ashamed off where we come from. To this day I still stand tall and proud to be a product of Royal Schools.

Today as an employee of Royal Schools I still carry the values of the school with me in my workplace. I thank Royal Schools and the teachers that taught me and moulded me into successful hard working and values-driven person that I am today.

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Kind regards,
Lisa Mudzingwa | Debtors Assistant – Royal Schools

Royal Schools Princess Park
Precious Ndinisa

I am Nontobeko Precious Ndinisa. I matriculated from Royal Schools Princess Park in 2013. My school days were the best days of my life. I clearly remember my first day at school. I can still feel how warmly I was welcomed at the school. That day truly defined the importance of my school career.

As a child, I was motivated and shaped by the best teachers. I remember the love and support I got from my teachers. That is the reason why I will always treasure my school memories for life. I never thought that a school can have such an impact on one’s life.

The school and the educators truly believed in every single one of us. Royal Schools always prioritised the needs of its learners and staff. They helped me to grow as a person. In 2018 I started working for Royal Schools. I have learned so many skills and values. I truly admire the school leadership and appreciate the role that they have played in my life.

Precious testimonials

Kind Regards,
Precious Ndinisa | Royal Schools Princess Park

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